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Peachtree CTC / Michael Beriault
Consulting International for Sales Performance Improvement

Work Smarter before you Work Harder

Do you sell in a very competitive market, with customers putting pressure on prices? Is your business in a VUCA environment, requiring you to adapt to an ever-changing world? In order to survive you must fight to maintain, or ideally increase, your market share and profitability.

Unfortunately, the most logical solutions most often don’t work.

With our extensive and diverse experience, together we will analyze your key parameters of sales performance and develop a Smarter Plan for Improving.

We will create a concept that you can implement using internal resources, as well as providing options for implementation support.

Working Smarter is…

…Effective & Efficient:

You will Improve Results & Save Resources  =  Higher Return-On-Investment

Berater für Unternehmensgrößen:
  • 51 – 500
  • 500+
Kontakt Informationen
Firmenname: Peachtree CTC
Ansprechpartner: Michael Beriault
Bonnenring, 47877 Willich, Deutschland
Consulting International for Sales Performance Improvement
Beratungskompetenzen Strategie:
  • Prozessoptimierung
  • Strategieberatung
Beratungskompetenzen Vertrieb:
  • Vertriebspotenzialanalyse
  • Vertriebsberatung
  • Aufbau von Vertriebsstrukturen und Steuerung
  • Zielsetzungprozesse
  • Agile Führung
Beratungskompetenzen Marketing:
  • BuyerPersona – Zielkundenermittlung

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